Steve Tarrant Marshal

Steve Tarrant is an auto sports enthusiast from England who after 10 years of marshalling races, attended the 2000 Goodwood Festival of Speed in an official capacity. Steve was standing at the finish line when a driver of a vintage 1961 Formula One car crashed. In the crash the car hit both Steve and a second marshal named Andy Carpenter. The crash tragically killed the driver and Andy Carpenter. Steve was massively injured.

Two years of recovery and with a true winning attitude, Steve emerged from his nightmare. By 2002, Steve Tarrant, was an amputee but also amazingly a racing marshal. He was able to return to his professional work in the IT trade as well.

Steve has continue to thrive despite his 2000 trauma. He’s taken on world records for 24 hour mobility scooters. He’s been involved in Olympics PR, has done countless interviews to promote his work for charity.

From the world of historical racing, modern FI and even American NASCAR – Steve Tarrant is an inspiration to us all who love the sport.