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Water Makes You Smarter: How Untreated Water Affects Education and Other Aspects of Life

Water Makes You Smarter: How Untreated Water Affects Education and Other Aspects of Life

There’s no denying that water is one of the top necessities humans require in order to survive. If we boil it down to numbers, each human living on Earth consumes anywhere between 20-50 liters, which is around 5-13 gallons,  of potable water to  drink and conduct other daily activities, such as bathing and cooking food.

The problem is that there’s an abundance of unsafe water that’s been tainted by pollution, which could be potentially deadly. According to studies, nearly 2 million people’s lives are cut short all over the world due to water-borne diseases like cholera. Apart from serious diseases are contracted numbering in tens of millions annually as a result of polluted water.

There’s no problem if you’re feeling ill at ease when you read those previous paragraphs, as you should: clean water is a commodity that is so tightly knitted to a person’s survival that it is most often overlooked. Countering the harmful organisms and elements that could potentially reside in your water is pretty easy, however, especially in this day and age where water filters are easily accessible. You can click here to know more about protecting you and your family from the hazards of untreated water.

The problem that a lack of clean drinking water doesn’t just end with your health; it can even go so far as to affect your work or education. Remember, each and every aspect your life is interconnected, and the other knots in your proverbial life thread can get affected by another that isn’t up to snuff. To show you how this happens, let’s say you caught a bad case of diarrhea due to the water that you drank. In turn, you miss school and now what was supposed to be a day reserved for academics has been interrupted by your recuperating from this sickness. Now, we’re not saying that is a general rule, but more of a likeliness. The point of the matter is you shouldn’t leave yourself vulnerable at all times.

Of course, water isn’t just reserved for drinking purposes; we use it for other important daily activities as well. And, we’re lucky enough to be living in a time where access to water softeners that can improve the quality of your water supply can easily be afforded. In that matter, you don’t have to look any further.

With knowledge of a clean water supply being of the utmost importance to us, there are four important factors to consider in determining its quality. Namely, these are the water’s reliability, quality, cost and quantity.

When it comes to the quality of your water supply, the standards you should look out for prior to arriving at a conclusion is whether it has a minimal amount of microbes, radiation, and chemical traces. If the supply indeed possesses these characteristics, then you’re good to go. If not, then steer clear of it until it’s been purified, since large amounts of chemical and microbial traces that come from various sources like human and industrial waste contain properties that are hazardous to your health.

Pokémon Go – The Craze

Pokémon Go – The Craze

Pokémon Go APK can be downloaded from Google Play Store to be installed on any Android device – phones or tablets. It is a reality game developed by an American software development company, Niantic, Inc., that uses the player’s locations, determined by the gadget’s GPS to navigate around as it simulates the virtual world of Pokémon to the real world. The Pokémon Go game application started its release in July 2016.

What happened after the Pokémon Go release?

When the Pokémon Go game app became available for download, people around the world went crazy. From kids of all ages, even some people in their mid-40s began playing it. It has become an addiction. People started to enjoy walking! Those who do not normally go out of the house to exercise suddenly found themselves loving to walk – in search of Pokémons!

Pokémon players have easily noticed as all of them have their heads bowed to their IOS or Android gadgets. Most of the time, you will see a group of teenagers, school kids, young and even experienced professionals, staying in one area of, let’s say, a park, all heads on their phones, waiting for Pokémons to appear within the area.

Businesses have also been noticed to use these Pokémon Go craze to their advantage. Some restaurants near designated Poké Stops have become a go-to for addicted Pokémon Go players. Some businesses, on the other hand, have even paid for Lure Modules. These Lure Modules help attract Pokémons to their stores. Restaurants who use Lure Modules not only attract Pokémons, but it also attracts clients. You may even be surprised to find that inside a restaurant are full of Pokémon Go players hunting for Pokémons.

To join hundreds of Pokémon Go Players, and if you want to risk being addicted to the game, here is how you can download the game on your Android device.

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Search for “Pokémon Go”. You should be able to see if it’s already available in your country, or else, you may have to google “Pokemon Go APK” to know how you can download it on your device.screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-12-27-33-pm
  3. Once it is successfully installed, you may need a Google account to register.
  4. Once registered, choose your avatar and dress it up how you wanted.
  5. When you’re satisfied with your avatar, then you’re finally ready to become a Pokémon Trainer! Don’t worry, you can still modify how your avatar looks should you have a change of heart later. 🙂
Here Are Cool Android Apps

Here Are Cool Android Apps


Keyboard Jelly Bean

The keyboard Jelly Bean is the very best and complimentary. We need to state that the finest keyboard for Android SwiftKey is not totally free, however, in between the Android app, that’s worth purchasing.


ShowBox App

ShowBox App is now offered in google play shop you can examine it there. it provides great functions where you can view your preferred Television program, Movies.


Drifting Toucher

It is a little set of icons to change the phone settings with a single click. Drifting Toucher allows you to change the ringer and the brightness and is among the apps to open applications on Android rapidly.


Amazon Kindle

The Galaxy S3 has a screen big enough to be utilized as an Ebook Reader as you would utilize a Kindle Reader.


Google Drive

Google Drive is not simply a cloud storage to conserve files, however likewise the application to have a program like Microsoft Word to compose texts and files. Google Drive is likewise able to turn your phone into a scanner.



other than that it just works if the Galaxy S3 is linked to the web.



Among the very best functions of its is an electronic camera that makes gorgeous pictures and lets you share them with one click. By setting up an image editor as Fotor you can use filters, impacts, frames and sticker labels in a really quick method.

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